Coskal is an international company currently operating in the Horn of Africa with direct distribution and appointed agents across the region. We hold a unique regional knowledge and experience amassing over six decades of experience. Our management team hold an international experience having worked across the globe, leading and managing large Import and distribution contracts in the region. Having worked for decades with local and overseas distribution contracts at Coskal we workd with leading brand across the globe.

Our 60+ years of invaluable experience in the Horn of Africa, has helped us to become one of the strongest companies in import, export, re-export and distribution of spirits, beverages & roasted coffee in the Horn of Africa. Coskal has a capacity matched by a few in the region combining, knowledge, experience and capital, along with professional sales team and distribution capacity. Our warehouses in Ethiopia and Djibouti add to our capacity to provide a superior advantage for our products and the needs of our clients.

Coskal covers the following territory: Horn of Africa (excluding Eritrea)

Ethiopia: Direct Distribution & Appointed Agents, regions covered: Tigray Region, Amhara Region, Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Oromiya Region, Hawassa, Wellayta.