Coskal Ethiopia

Coskal consists of a group of companies established in 1954 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, covering the Horn of Africa. Counting 60+ years of invaluable experience in the Horn of Africa, Coskal is one of the strongest companies in import, export, re-export and distribution of spirits, beverages & roasted coffee in the Horn of Africa (HoA) Region. The Founder of Coskal, Costa Kalogeropoulos, a Greek-Ethiopian national with a family presence in the Country for over 6 generations, based himself permanently in Ethiopia during the 1940’s. At a young age, Mr. Kalogeropoulos was the founder and major shareholder of the first international insurance company of Ethiopia-Lion Insurance.


Coskal Djibouti

Coskal is a private company managed and controlled by members of the Kalogeropoulos family up to this day. The family has diversified its investments in the Horn of Africa from imports & exports to real estate, distribution and roasted coffee. Coskal is the only Ethiopian company in the alcoholic drinks, beer and coffee sectors in the HoA Region with offices, buildings and warehouses in both Countries. Thus making us the largest company in capacity, Regional distribution and access to more than 7 different markets for exports, re-exports and distribution.


Coskal Group

Moving business forward with innovation, We bring the world to the Horn of Africa.