Trading House
Coskal, through it’s subsidiary company Yedur Trading House, trades and exports in the following commodities:

  • Green Coffee
  • Sesame
  • Beans
  • Honey

For more information, please contact us at:   tradinghouse@coskal-group.com

Coskal Group, in partnership with Moyee Coffee has created a new roasted and ground coffee brand, Yedur Coffee. As of January 2016, Moyee is the first African coffee roasting company to receive ISO 9001 Certification.https://blog.moyeecoffee.com/practice-what-you-preach-moyee-becomes-africas-first-iso-9001-certified-coffee-roaster/

Yedur//የዱር :: The Wild/ The Natural. Yedur stands for quality, deep flavor, a sense of ትዝታ// tizita //memory. A memory that brings nostalgia in mind. A sip of Yedur is what it takes, to bring you back the memory of what it feels like drinking real coffee. Every sip, is a real sip. You can find our coffee in 3 different sizes and types:

  • 25KG – Roasted Whole Beans
  • 5 KG – Espresso Type, Ground Coffee
  • 1KG – Filter Type, Ground Coffee