:: Yedur   የዱር ::

Yedur is a roasted coffee brand from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, wholly owned by Coskal Ethiopia.

Vision behind the creation of Yedur

The majority of the Ethiopian coffee exported, is sold as green coffee.

This is a concept we are really trying to change, by roasting the coffee here in Ethiopia, packaging it with the highest possible packaging materials and shipping it directly to our Customers.

We truly believe that it is really important for Ethiopian Coffee, to be roasted at its place of origin.
Yedur is a blend of many different coffee types from various regions of Ethiopia.

Our coffee is of the highest standards, fairly priced and consistent in taste.

What does Yedur stand for?

Yedur stands for quality, deep flavor, a sense of ትዝታ// tizita //memory.

A memory that brings nostalgia in mind.
A sip of Yedur is what it takes, to bring you back the memory of what it feels like drinking real coffee.

Every sip, is a real sip.

Please visit our website for more information:    Yedur Coffee

Yedur Types

Yedur comes in the following types:
• Espresso
• Filter
• Whole Roasted Beans

Yedur Sizes

• 100gr
• 250gr
• 500gr
• 1KG
• 500KG (Roasted Beans Only)