Greek School - English Department

The Kalogeropoulos School

In 1997, the founder of COSKAL took the decision to build and donate a whole school building, consisting of 36 classrooms, to the Greek Community of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

The sole purpose of this donation was made, in order for an English section to be created inside the Greek School, attracting students from all nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds.

The vision behind this school still remains for all students to receive the best possible quality of education, by being extremely affordable.

The school was built, self-funded, paid for and donated by the founder of COSKAL in the loving memory of his parents.

Damot Gale Semi Earthen Dam

In collaboration with the Greek Polytechnic University, the COSKAL family donated a considerable amount in order for this great project of the first semi earthen dam in Ethiopia, to be completed.

In excess of 200,000 people benefit directly from this dam.