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COSKAL consists of a group of companies established in 1954 in Addis Ababa and later on Djibouti, covering the entire Horn of Africa.


Counting almost 70 years of invaluable experience; COSKAL is one of the oldest companies involved in import, export, re-export and distribution of spirits, beer & beverages in the Horn of Africa (HoA) Region.


COSKAL is the first company in Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea, to introduce the Johnnie Walker range of products, make them number 1 in sales and visibility and ensure longevity of the brands for more than 50 years to date.


COSKAL is known for its brand-building capacity of multiple brands in both Ethiopia and Djibouti, namely:

Johnnie Walker, Hennessy,  Gordon's Gin, Smirnoff, King Robert, Carlsberg and Tuborg among many others.







Customers in our Region


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The founder of COSKAL was also the co-founder and major shareholder of the first international insurance company of Ethiopia, Lion Insurance.


Lion Insurance was a prominent Ethiopian insurance company at the time, with many diversified commercial interests- ranging from gas stations to real estate.


COSKAL is a privately owned company, managed and controlled by members of the same family up to this day. 

Our vision remains focused on increasing our wholesale reach in the Horn of Africa Region, by expanding in more locations and developing strong partnerships.







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